"Set up student management system on cloud To Manage Students & Course And Never pay huge money to buy school software"

  • About OpenBoard
    OpenBoard is Education Management Software for providing Learning Management System to education providers at micro level. OpenBoard is designed to cater all level of instututions targetting door to door level e.g Tution Center, Teachers Bureau, Study Center , School , Boards, College, University .The built-in Student Information System Software on OpenBoard is so powerful and integtrated that gives your institution the computing power needed to manage thousands of students spread across several branches.
    We have designed possibly the most perfect system that integrates all administrative functions within the entire student lifecycle as well as added essential functions like reporting and communication to create the perfect tool for your educational institution. Read more about why OpenBoard makes perfect sense for your institution.
  • What is OpenBoard ?
    OpenBoard is subscription based online cloud based Student Information System Software. With this tool, you are no more bound to buy costly software for your school or college or study centers. Since, it is always on the cloud, it is elastic and can expand with your growing need without paying the cost.
    The online solution is for every instudtion you may have, it tracks your student from preadmission to job placement. For details, read product page. It is highly confgurable and supported by world class online help wizard. With few clicks , you are equiped with powerful School Management Software that covers each and every entity. It is an interactive platform for all the entities to facilitate preadmission, enrollment, records parent teacher meetings, manage admit cards, manage marksheet, evaluate examsheet manage study centers, manage state coordinator, regional coordinator.
  • Why OpenBoard ?
    It was asked by you and we will be always will be with you. Manage your tution center free with basic package. If you need more value add, it is always there for small per subscription fees per transaction or monthly basis. If you dont like, dont use it any more and save your money.
    Do not spend too much of money buying whole package school managment software with hefty package fees with no proper data backup plan, risky security implimentation and unreliable daily operations. With this online solution, you are always on the cloud and do not need to worry about your data back or data volumn. Keep your document or any content on reliable medium and access it from anywhere in the world from any device, be it phone , tab , laptop or a PC.
    OpenBoard enable you headache of mainiting own websites , own servers, own application and multiple vendors. It provides you scalable solution designed ease of use user interaction available for modern browsers. You do not need to install any software at your prefered laptop or PC.